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Company Eko Green Power seeks Energy Efficient solutions through the use of Innovative Technologies and Monitoring Systems for data analysis. The goal is to reduce the consumption of energy (electricity and gas) by Industries, Commercial Activities and all those activities which are considered “energy-intensive”.A Team of Engineers, Specialists and Technicians are behind every solution, able to create it and guide the process throughout its evolution.

Our Slogan: “Reduce your Wasted Energy”


Power Quality
The electrical network's or the grid's ability to supply a clean and stable power supply.High power quality ideally creates a perfect power supply that is always available, has a pure noise-free, sinusoidal wave shape, and is always within voltage and frequency tolerances.
Sub-metering works by connecting meters to the main electrical room in buildings and measuring the use (and therefore cost) of the each unit’s consumption. These meters communicate with the main data centres that collect and collate this data, producing various reports for owners to view usage details.
We offer and develop Engineering Services to create innovative systems to obtain Energy Savings.Through the preliminary study it is possible to establish the best solution for each activity by identifying the technology to be applied. A staff of Engineers and Technicians will follow all the steps towards the Energy Saving.
Electric Solutions
We provide and install advanced power systems (Inteligens Technology) to apply to Industries and Business Building to achieve the best use of electricity, optimizing all electrical parameters. The goal is to ensure Energy Savings through network optimization.

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